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What You Should Know About Your Criminal Defense Attorney if You Are Charged With a Crime in Florida

When you are charged with a felony crime or a misdemeanor crime in DeLand, Daytona Beach, Deltona, DeBary, Orange City, or any other Volusia County area, you want to know your legal defenses, and you also want your side of the story to be told. Criminal defense attorney Leanna Smith focuses on the elements of the crime, advocates for you as a person and will provide you with support, respect and peace-of-mind knowing that you are getting the best defense possible.  It is important to know these things about the Attorney you choose.

Here are a few more things you should consider when selecting your criminal defense lawyer:

  1. Choose Your Attorney Carefully – The most-expensive attorney isn’t always your best bet (nor will the least expensive attorney necessarily give you more bang for your buck). It’s important to feel that the attorney you choose can fervently represent your interests, and has the experience and qualifications to handle your case. You should also feel as though you’re not just a “case number”– the more comfortable you feel with your attorney, the more likely you are to have an open line of communication that can result in the best representation of your interests.

  2. Keep the Details of Your Arrest and Case to Yourself (and Your Attorney) – Be careful whom you speak with about your case, including the descriptions you offer regarding the circumstances of your arrest. Even the most innocent conversation can come back to haunt you if your case goes to trial and your family or friends are called to testify for the prosecution. Before confiding in anyone else about your case, speak to your attorney, and follow their advice when it comes to discussing your situation with others.

  3. Listen to Your Attorney – It’s understandable that if you are charged with a crime, you want to do whatever you can to assist with your defense. However, if you have picked an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your case, they are informed and educated about criminal law in a way the layperson is not. Discuss your concerns with your attorney, but listen to their advice even if it goes against what you think is best. Remember that if you have followed instruction number 1 above, your attorney has your best interests at heart.
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The Criminal Law Office of Attorney Leanna J. Smith is located in the heart of historic DeLand, FL, among Stetson University and the city’s always-flourishing downtown streetscape.  Whether you have been arrested for DUI, charged with possession or trafficking at the felony level, or caught committing a misdemeanor offense, attorney Leanna Smith has the determination, knowledge and experience to defend your case. Her biggest asset: She has successfully practiced on both the prosecution and defense side of the courtroom.  To schedule a consultation and make sure your legal welfare is in the hands of a capable and experienced criminal defense lawyer: a lawyer with over 20 years experience defending clients in DeLand and Volusia County, call 386-943-9797.