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Payment Plans & Financing

We offer free consultations and several options for payment. We are happy to work out payment plans that are affordable for the client.

Payment Plans

During the consultation we will discuss the fee and payment options. If you need a payment plan or financing we will talk about the terms.


If a you cannot afford the down payment or are unable to afford the weekly payments based on the payment plan, we also offer Client Credit through LawPay / Affirm. LawPay client credit is a financing option. In fact, it is the option endorsed by the American Bar Association.

We can send a link with the fee through LawPay, and then you can apply for the financing with a very short application and get an answer on the spot. The financing terms are between Affirm and the client.

Current clients report great satisfaction with the repayment plan offered through Affirm. If you choose this option it stretches out the payments making them more affordable. Affirm pays the lawyer their full fee so you never need to worry about the attorney withdrawing.