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Criminal Law DeLand: The Key to Your Defense after an Arrest

Do you need an attorney that understands Criminal Law in DeLand? Are you facing a felony criminal charge, possibly a DUI or drug related offense?  If so, it’s important you understand exactly where to go from here—and what it takes to turn the stressful, negative experience of an arrest (and pending criminal proceeding) into a situation with a constructive, positive outcome. You need DeLand Attorney Leanna J. Smith!

Everybody has a story, everybody has a reason for the things that they do. Each individual person has their own facts, circumstances and history that come to bear upon how they get into the criminal justice system. It’s just a natural fit for me to be able to convey that to the prosecutor and the judge as I advocate for the defense of my clients. – Attorney Leanna Smith

How to Choose the Right Criminal Law Attorney in DeLand, FL

In Florida, attorneys are a dime-a-dozen. That’s why it’s important you find a criminal law attorney that will take the time to learn about every aspect involved in your case and your character in order to fight for a successful outcome after you’re charged with a crime.

What makes a great and highly successful criminal attorney is the lawyer’s ability to engage the courtroom and effectively explain every aspect concerning a crime and the individual involved: A good defense attorney will paint the whole picture, profiling and promoting the true character of the defendant and the hope for rehabilitation and reconsideration to prevent further incidence.

Criminal Defense Attorney Leanna Smith

Know what makes a great criminal defense attorney before you hire representation in DeLand, FL.

With Attorney Leanna J. Smith, you will receive personal representation from an Attorney that has a solid understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of criminal law proceedings.  Attorney Smith is a former prosecutor and specializes in criminal defense in the DeLand and Daytona Beach area.  Her broad knowledge, prior experience and familiarization with all Volusia County venues will help you facilitate an appropriate defense, without instilling you with unrealistic expectations.

Attorney Smith is known for three things above all else: client respect, aggressiveness in the courtroom and total dedication to every case.  The success Attorney Smith achieves in the courtroom stems from her ability to focus on the “total person” and not just the elements of the crime.

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Whether you are facing drug charges, a DUI or another felony or misdemeanor charge here in Florida, Criminal Defense Attorney Leanna Smith will fuse aggressive but thoughtful argumentation with knowledge, dedication and personal attention to get things set right.

Contact The Law Office of Attorney Leanna J. Smith today at 386-943-9797 to discuss your defense. Representing English and Spanish speaking clients throughout Volusia County, including Daytona Beach, DeBary, Deltona, Lake Helen and Orange City, FL.