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DeLand Criminal Lawyers Know The Ropes of The Volusia County Court System; Do You?

A “puncher’s chance” is an old euphemism for “almost no chance,” and you want more than that when you step into the ring with the legal system. Criminal defense can be a knockdown, drag-out affair—and having a knowledgeable, aggressive criminal defense attorney is the best way to avoid a permanent black eye.

Round For Round, Pound For Pound: Heavyweight Legal Tactics Pave the Way for Justice

Your criminal record is as important in many ways as your social security number or your driver’s license—it’s a referendum on the rights afforded to you as an American Citizen.

Criminal defense is about damage control, as much as it is about clearing your name. Getting charges reduced and records sealed and/or expunged is a solid course for increasing your standing in the court of law, so that your current case get viewed in a more favorable light by the judge and jury.

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Landing The Knockout Punch: Placing a Square Strike That Comes From the Bottom Up

Criminal lawyers know that their best shot at winning a criminal defense case will be body blows—groundwork, cooperation with authorities, and passionate trial presence all set the stage for success when it comes time to hand down the verdict.

Going through the appeals process takes another type of endurance altogether. If you’re not happy with the ruling on your case, Leanna J. Smith and her dedicated team have the tenacity and clout to get your verdict reviewed—from there, things like sentence reductions and plea bargains can be viable option for reducing the sting left by a legal right hook.

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