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The Law Office of Leanna J. Smith has an experienced domestic violence attorney serving clients in DeLand, FL. Their firm works hard to uncover the facts and fights to protect the rights of their clients. If you have been charged with aggravated assault and battery or other domestic violence crime, or are a victim of domestic violence, contact our office to speak with a domestic violence lawyer. We serve clients throughout Volusia County, including Daytona Beach, DeBary, Deltona, Lake Helen, and Orange City, FL.

Increase in Domestic Violence

According to a recent national study, domestic violence cases have risen over 8% in the last year (2020/2021). However, domestic violence is typically under-reported, so the actual number of cases is likely considerably higher as many victims often remain in abusive relationships.

Domestic violence had been on the decline before the covid 19 pandemic and many people residing in areas where covid 19 lockdowns were occurring found it challenging to cope. Home confinement during the covid 19 lockdowns added to stress and anxiety and helped lead to the nationwide increase in domestic violence. Crimes such as Aggravated assault, battery and domestic violence by strangulation saw increases. Many healthcare professionals consider the domestic violence surge to be a pandemic within a pandemic.

Domestic Violence by Strangulation

Domestic violence by strangulation is a 3rd-degree felony in Florida. An individual charged with domestic violence by strangulation can face a lengthy prison sentence and other penalties if convicted. According to Florida Statute, Chapter 784.041, a person can be charged with domestic battery by strangulation if the person intentionally restricts normal breathing or blood flow to the neck or nose, creating a risk of bodily harm against the will of a family or household member or if the person is in a dating relationship.

Aggravated Assault & Battery

Aggravated Assault in Florida is an intentional threat with a deadly weapon that causes a person to fear an impending attack. Even if there is no physical harm, an intentional threat with a deadly weapon is enough to be charged with a felony. A battery occurs when a person is physically assaulted.

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