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Reclaim Your Records with DeLand Expungement Attorney Leanna Smith

If you’re interested in expungement and sealing of records in DeLand, Florida, it’s time to introduce yourself to top criminal defense attorney Leanna Smith.  As an attorney with a reputation for aggressive representation, Attorney Smith can provide you the kind of expungement and sealing services that will help you reclaim your records.

Not sure why you might need Attorney Smith’s expungement expertise?  Take a look at some of the biggest reasons why you’ll want to clean up your criminal record:

As you can see, expungement and record-sealing can be a major benefit for individuals hoping to move on from their crimes.  However, not all criminal records qualify for expungement. Under Florida law, you cannot qualify for expungement and record sealing in DeLand if you:

It is so important to work with an attorney who will not only help you determine if your criminal records are viable for expungement, but is also competent and skilled at the procedure required to make it happen.

As a top-tier attorney for over 20 years, Attorney Smith has the expertise and knowledge necessary to ensure the proper expungement and sealing of records in Volusia County, Florida. If you’ve been convicted of a crime and are seeking to clean your criminal record, contact Attorney Smith today to see how she can help you.