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Spanish Speaking Attorney in DeLand, FL

When you need a Spanish speaking criminal defense attorney in DeLand, FL, call the law offices of Leanna Smith. Being charged with a drug, dui or other criminal offense can be a frightening experience, especially when you don’t understand what’s going on due to a language barrier. If you speak Spanish and have been arrested on drug charges, our Spanish speaking attorney will fight for your rights and freedom.

Feel More Comfortable with a Spanish Speaking Attorney

We strongly believe that clients will feel more comfortable speaking with a Spanish speaking attorney in DeLand that understands their language and customs rather than relying on an interpreter. This allows Spanish speaking clients to understand their rights, be treated equally under the law and plan a proper defense which is vital when speaking to a criminal defense attorney regarding dui charges, drug charges, or other criminal offense. There have been cases where Spanish citizens have plead guilty to an offense resulting in lengthy prison sentences without fully understanding the ramifications of their actions or what other legal options and remedies may be available to them.

Benefits of Using a Spanish Speaking Attorney

When you native language is Spanish, one of the benefits of using a Spanish Speaking Attorney is that you can be more involved with helping your Attorney prepare a successful defense strategy.  Also, there are times when witnesses that may be able to help the defense are reluctant to come forward due to the language barrier. Having a fully bilingual Spanish speaking attorney on your case can often mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. Our Spanish speaking attorney for the DeLand, Deltona and Daytona Beach area wil be fully bilingual in English and Spanish and they will have experience handling DUI, drug offenses, domestic violence and other criminal cases.

To schedule an appointment with a Spanish speaking attorney in DeLand, FL, contact us at (386) 943-9797 today! Procurador Hablando español.