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Spanish Speaking Criminal Attorney in Deltona, FL

When you need a Spanish speaking criminal attorney in Deltona, contact the Law Office of Leanna J. Smith. Hablamos español.  Attorney Smith received her law degree from the Benjamin N. Cordozo School of Law, a top 100 law school where she worked with the Innocence Project. She then went on to serve as a Volusia County prosecutor before ultimately going into private practice and becoming a leading criminal defense attorney.

Why Native Spanish Speakers Need a Spanish Speaking Attorney

Many Spanish speaking citizens who are arrested for various criminal offenses are often at an immediate disadvantage due to the language barrier. In many cases, they may not understand their rights or the charges they are facing as they make their way through the criminal justice system. The lack of interpreters has become a big issue in law enforcement and in many court rooms around the country. This can make it very difficult for an individual to make decisions that can have a severe impact on their future.

Our Spanish Speaking Attorney has earned a stellar reputation in Deltona and Volusia County for providing Spanish speaking clients facing DUI, drug offenses and other criminal charges with top legal counsel in their native language. They have extensive experience handling all types of criminal cases from minor infractions to major crimes. This helps to level the playing field giving Spanish speaking clients an experienced advocate working hard for their criminal defense.

Eleimate the Language Barrier

Don’t let the language barrier prevent you from preparing your defense and fighting for your rights. When you hire our Spanish Speaking Attorney, you will have an attorney on your side that treats all clients with dignity and respect regardless of their criminal charges.

To speak with a Spanish speaking criminal attorney in Deltona, contact us today at 386.943.9797 for a free consultation! Procurador hablando español.