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Whether you need a DUI attorney, a lawyer to defend you against drug charges, or a dedicated, solid criminal defense attorney for any other felony or misdemeanor offense you may have been charged with in DeLand, Daytona Beach, DeBary, Deltona or Orange City, FL, the Law Office of Leanna J. Smith can help.  The firm also has extensive experience sealing and expunging criminal records for individuals looking to clear their name.  From the moment you enter the Law Office of Leanna Smith, you’ll be treated with respect and dignity, and your case will be handled with hard work, dedication and aggressiveness so that you can get your life back.

Attorney Leanna Smith has over two decades of experience in the courtroom. As a former Volusia County prosecutor, Attorney Smith has a solid understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of criminal law proceedings and knows what it takes to effectively advocate for the defense of her clients—no matter what the situation may be.

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Attorney Carlos Vidal-Collazo worked as a prosecutor with the Office of the State Attorney of the 7th Judicial Circuit for over five years.  Attorney Vidal was a prosecutor in juvenile, misdemeanor, and felony cases. As a lawyer for the State, Attorney Vidal negotiated both minor and serious cases, litigated a vast variety of legal and evidence issues, and participated in numerous trials on a broad range of cases, from Selling Fish Without a License, to D.U.I., to 2nd Degree Murder With a Firearm.  Attorney Vidal-Collazo is also fully bilingual in English and Spanish which makes him uniquely qualified to assist Spanish speaking clients in all criminal matters the firm handles.

Everybody has a story, everybody has a reason for the things that they do. Each individual person has their own facts, circumstances and history that come to bear upon how they get into the criminal justice system. It’s just a natural fit for me to be able to convey that to the prosecutor and the judge as I advocate for the defense of my clients. – Attorney Leanna Smith

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We represent clients in every type of criminal case. We can also help you or your loved ones have a Florida criminal record sealed or expunged in many cases.

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The Criminal Law Office of Attorney Leanna J. Smith is located in the heart of historic DeLand, FL, among Stetson University and the city’s always-flourishing downtown streetscape.  Whether you have been arrested for DUI, charged with possession or trafficking at the felony level, or caught committing a misdemeanor offense, attorney Leanna Smith has the determination, knowledge and experience to defend your case. Her biggest asset: She has successfully practiced on both the prosecution and defense side of the courtroom.  To schedule a consultation and make sure your legal welfare is in the hands of a capable and experienced criminal defense lawyer: a lawyer with over 20 years experience defending clients throughout Volusia County, including DeLand, Daytona Beach, DeBary, Deltona, Orange City, FL, call 386-943-9797. Asistimos a los clientes de habla hispana!